Dear potential student,

Thank you for your interest in our New York State EMT-Basic course.  Your interest in learning emergency medicine is commendable; however, you must recognize that this requires great commitment for the duration of the class. Original class sessions total over 180 hours, but many more hours are required to read the book, complete online assignments and ambulance / emergency-room observation shifts.

Many online resources will be available to you to watch, listen, read and test your knowledge. Use them all! There will also be mandatory online tests after each module which you will have to complete on a timely basis and you will be graded according to these tests. Students should expect to spend between 10 to 15 hours per week on online assignment, home work, and studying. Attendance is mandatory at all sessions.  If you miss a session and a make-up session is required the cost of the make-up session is the student's responsibility. Class sessions are usually 3 hours. If you know that you will be away for an extended period of time while the class is in session you should not register for this class.

There are three lessons that are required by NYS to be taken and should be completed by the third month of the course (in original courses). You will be tested at the end of these lessons and you will receive an email certificate of completion upon successfully passing the test. You should forward these emails to us for placement in your file. These courses are ICS-100, ICS-700 and Hazardous Material Awareness. You can find links to these courses at the home page of this site.

Before committing to the class you should request a schedule. Review it carefully to assure you can attend all classes.

Finally, if you have not registered yet please hit the application button on the left to submit your application.

Village of New Square Ambulance Service

Division of Training